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Leap Trigger

Leap Trigger

Leap Trigger

AlyneM Game Hunter


It's okay. It doesn't feel as immersive as I thought it would be. Dodging feels awkward. Actually, the game itself requires a lot of movement for dodging, aiming, and such.
It's similar to some games where you collect pets, get copies to improve them and such.
I like AR games but this one feels too tiring for me, especially since matches can last quite a bit.

Also, loading takes too long when opening the game u.u it improves a bit after the first time. There's a lot of loading time in the menu for me too. I'm giving it a lower score on gameplay for now because it crashes too often just when a match starts. [暈]

I feel like this game could improve but for now, I'll just give it an "okay"

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Yorubi Taru


Gra nie jest zła, grafika jest dobra muzyka też. tylko za długo tszeba czekać na otwarcie skszynek bez kryształów. + Gra sie czasami zawiesza pszy walce i nie można nic zrobić podczas gdy pszeciwnik cie atakuje [大哭] jeśli zostanie to naprawione to będe bardzo zadowolona (Motorola g8 power)

P Stands for Pupunator


My phone is definitely AR supported I can play a bunch of AR Games like Witcher, Pokemon Go and Catan World Explorers. Now you gave me an error stating that my phone doesn't support AR? Are you fcking kidding me I'm using Asus Zenfone 7/7 pro!

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