Dance Killer Trick!!! - Boys, be DANCING! -

Dance Killer Trick!!! - Boys, be DANCING! -

Dance Killer Trick!!! - Boys, be DANCING! -

kokoropaint β·Mission Exterminator


It's a female-audience rhythm game, and like all the others the gameplay is a bit subpar/simple compared to anything made for male audiences (such as the iDOLM@STER mobile games, bandori, llsif, ect.) I think it's a few steps above something like SideM LOS, but it's still not as good as it could be gameplay-wise, and it's disappointing seeing this happen over and over again for otome games. It's like they don't think their audience is capable of enjoying difficult beatmaps.

The 3D models and art look great (in my opinion), and the main story is fully voiced (it seems like card stories are not, but i'm not sure on anything else). Choreography is nice and you can unlock extra outfits for your boys! There's also a pretty diverse music selection, but there's only about 7 songs right now and idk how quickly they'll add more :/

I think it's worth trying but I have no idea if I'll personally stick to it.

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Angel Splash


Honestly, my friend showed me the trailer for this a few months back and it looked really cool! I have always loved success effects in rhythm games, they make me feel like I did good. The gameplay is alright. Since it's new, there are only 7 song, 5 of which are actually good imo. The hard difficulty is really quite easy, but the cameras and intricate dances make it a bit harder. Not only that but you need to watch for the right time for the Killer Trick. I've seen many people wish for a harder setting and I agree! The game isn't as polished as most rhythm games, but it has its own charm that makes up for it. Most of the boys are very likeable and it's easy to tell who is who. I have noticed a lot of rhythm games that don't make the different characters very different. One thing I would love to see implemented is a "friends system" where if you add someone as a friend, you can battle them on a song. It would be super cool! I can't wait to see how the game develops from here!

Sherrice jackson


yet another rhythm game. honestly I'm pretty tired of this. lately most of the games we've been getting (as girls) are either rhythm or producer type. it's getting pretty annoying to be honest. anyway, besides the fact that there are great CVs everything else is meh. there isn't anything new about this game except for the fact that the guys are dancing rather than singing. if you like this type of game knock yourself out. it gives a selection for any one guy after the initial roll and gives enough to do a 10roll. app size: 2g you can skip a decent amount of the tutorial if you want so it takes about 15-30 minutes to go through it (I'm including the download time.) Edit: only lasted what a year? as expected of these games.

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