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an actually casual rhythm game. does remind me of phygros and other piano-like style, but this one is pretty cool. instead of lines touchin judgment line, its touching the edge or circle. the circle can move around or even disappear, but its still forgiving enough and let you still see the judgement line. characters are cool, sfx, visual, gameplay, everything is great so far
fun game, would reccomend.

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so far as i can tell, theres really no story that goes along with it, so it's like a casual kind of rhythm game like those beat tile games, but i really like the aesthtic and the feel of it. the notes bounce and change all over the screen similar to cytus which i like because it's unexpected. very similar gaming style, note tapping wise, to cytus as well .the songs are all definet vibes for me and overall it's a really good game. it's a fun game to play when you want to pass the time or just casual play with. however, i believe that there should be less note movement in normal mode, because it's just normal. hard mode by all means go crazy, make the note taps go all over the screen, but i feel like normal modes of songs should belong in hard. also when you switch the tapping setting from easy to hard it says that hard tap mode registers more accuracy but it doesnt register any of my taps most of the time even when im on point. it's fun though and i like how you dont have to pay money to unlock characters or songs, you just need to score an A or higher in the songs you play

Professor Shenlin


So they attempted to copy Phigros also the theme setting gives me a Cytus Vibe. Well not like it bothers me. Gameplay is like a combination of Voez and Phigros but without the annoying flicks which it's easier. Also there's some waifus you can choose in the User Interface which is definetly a must to have!

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