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Not bad but doesn't really give attention to people.. that's one thing that a game needs...yeah tournaments and events are good..also the pass Royale but...not really good..but also not really bad. Well with the new update, I think the review will remain like this.

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Рот ебал этой хуйни



5 years into the making this review will be from a player who has spent close to 6 years in this game on and off. What to say this game has been part of every phone I've ever used besides the iPhone 4. My rating may be very high but that doesn't mean this is a great game its far from that. Its a very very addicting game ~ from the sound quality all the way to the GamePlay this game just makes u want to play it. The simple startup and tutorial after that its just beating your way through ranks and finding yourself a team you like but wait there's a catch! The meta yes the meta that'll gobble up all your efforts spit it out like its nothing your OP MegaPeka is now as good as a mini peka. The starting years were rough the game was still finding itself and the match making and the grind to lvl/meta ofc were horrid things. Getting to Master 1/2 which is peace of cake rn was the real deal back then. As a F2P you could only get so far honestly the horrible crate rates remain the same 2500gems for a legendary crate bruh fuk out here especially the prices of those gems. The BP system is really good and the only value you can get out of this game. The game has changed over the years especially Clan Wars oof the days when you had to be good to be selected to partake in the wars gone, and now the plebs can get in on some action as well lol. Much needed implementation. I could talk on and on about how the matchmaking system needs improvements but then you'd lose that rage addiction to lose match after match but still continue playing to lose more. Quitting the game and hearing the sound of someone else playing the game gets you relied up to play! That's just how they play with our pleasuremornes oof. We all leave but at the end we all eventually come back and leave again. Once you're down this hell hole you can't help but leave. Considering that the tactical combat is just great in this game for years I've wondered why dont other gacha companies just make something similar but with hot and cute waifus instead!! ( ˙灬˙ )

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