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Otome Yusha

Otome Yusha


Yanna N


Will never know when this game will reopen. It's been down for quite the time (/ □ \) boohoo
I love the bunny husbando. Gameplay is easy enough to understand and I just love skinship time. thats all lol 😆

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Finally the server is open again!✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧ I played this game way back in 2018 and I was so sad they shut down the server. It's good to be able to visit the game again! My favourite is Dill 'cause the seiyuu is my favourite! He is very erotic and mature too(*๓´╰╯`๓)♡ In my opinion, they really improve the game a lot. For example, players now have more dilemma to choose as the stories goes! Like a dark ending or a happy ending! And now you can have a little pet too! Adorable! For gameplay, the game run more smoothly on my phone now! (not sure if it's the game's improvement or my phone's, I changed my phone LOL) Overall, I will definitely recommend this game to all the ladies (or gentlemen) out there!(σ°∀°)σ..:*☆

Name The Fruit


One of the few awesome otome rpg games out there. I wish there were more otome rpgs.

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