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B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday

B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday

B-PROJECT 快感*エブリディ



I initially played this game on its release and was pretty dissappointed with how the whole game turns up (ranging frm the system itself to the gameplay) It was horrible tbh despite having my Goshi baby in there T-T So yes I dropped the whole game and just got some great news frm my other friend today that the new system is up!

Tried it again and I have to say that, this built is WAY NICER and I really REALLY enjoyed playing it a lot! ❤[開心] Started a new acc and was able to pick my fav boy as the starter SSR! (I don't think you cn do this prevly) ❤❤ Really love the gameplay now, even the system of the game, it's a little bit complex but love how neat it looks now! Will definitely stick to this game for long!

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I love everything about the game cause I watched the anime but can u put english sub🤧🤧 on it this the only problem I have with the game but other than that it's a great game😄😄



depois de bastante tempo jogando é uma pena que tenha encerrado (pelo que o site dizia)... Enfim, foi uma boa experiência de jogo, jogabilidade maravilhosa, eventos maravilhosos e fáceis, as músicas eram minha parte favorita do jogo ♡, passar de nível também era bastante fácil, a história não posso comentar tanto, já que apenas a acompanhei por anime, e oque mais me prendia no jogo era a parte rítmica. Obrigada por essa maravilhosa experiência ( ~'ω')~

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