Revue Starlight Re LIVE | Global

Revue Starlight Re LIVE | Global

Revue Starlight Re LIVE | Global



I regret spending money on fgo the same way I regret spending my battery life downloading this

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а вы тоже любите это прекрасное чувство, когда скаутите, видите радужную карточку, думаете, что сейчас в ваши объятия упадёт девочка со сцены, но вам в лицо летит МЕМОРИ. старлайт довёл.



I'm glad Re LIVE earned a global version since it is a really good game. Other than the main girls of Revue Starlight, there will be also 3 more school (15 more stage girls in total) with their own sub stories. Gameplay is very similar to FGO with cards and order, and I suggest not to rely on auto as what I've learned while playing in the JP server (auto play will kill your team trust me). Gacha is pretty okay, for beginners you have 2 4* guaranteed banners and I suggest rerolling for multiple target finishers rather than single target (they're more for vs revue). Gacha is divided into the characters themselves and support cards (they're pretty important too). Other than that, pretty neat game, very grindy fpr resources if you want to max and limit break your girls and Junna is best girl. EDIT (AS OF 4.26.19) After some time, yeah sure, things are running smoothly, BUTTTTTTTT i have already scouted for more than 10 pulls and NOT A SINGLE 10 PULL gave me a 3* above unit, gacha is ass.

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