CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

yoko yokome


There's been alot for good n negative about this game. so therefore i decided to download and play it. and what a surprise i like the game alot more then some i usually play on a daily basis. but its very ignoring that people's complain 😒 about how the game is bad when it comes to the characters healing process and the process of the game. but they're not will ti learned the mechanics of the game has a whole. anyways its pretty good.

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Dante Cotton


This game was apparently shut down in Japan, and possibly elsewhere too, so players beware. It's not a horrible game, but it's a bit outdated for the current era of mobile gaming. I'd say try it out at your own risk, but don't spend any money because the global version will probably end up shutting down within a year too..[發困]

William Watson


Here you've to face hundreds of challenging quests & events in this fantasy turn-based RPG game with unique graphics and music style! The age of magic has arrived, the chaos and darkness rise and the destiny of the universe depends on you. Immerse yourself in the epic world of this magic adventure turn-based RPG game. Collect and command powerful characters across multiple classes. Customise and build your own character, collect epic gear, equip your hero with powerful artefacts and evolve iconic champions. Gather balanced teams of Warriors, Knights, Assassins and more team characters to vanquish your enemies! Make big decisions and equip your champions with powerful talismans to aid them in their battle. Power and rank up to build incredible skills, devastating specials and more as you engage in epic RPG combat. Winning means making the right choices, building teams that work well together and taking charge. Game play — I've been playing this game awhile and realize it's easy to play. Characters are well designed and lovable. There're some bugs. I haven't spent much time on it yet but I like the whole process including story lines. The heart warming cut scenes makes it amazing. I'll continue the game until the end of the story.

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