CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta | Global

AlyneM Game Hunter


I absolutely love the game. It's like a mix of Sdorica and Hero Cantare, plus stages that act like the Arcane Labyrinth of Afk Arena. To those that play Arknights, it's similar to Coebe's Fungimist. It's been a great experience so far.
Translation could use some work though. It feels awkward sometimes.

Rerolling seems hard. You can't unlink your account and you can't create a guest account (currently bugged). The premium currency is hard to come by. I think I was at Chapter 3 before I got enough for another 10x.

Im glad the game is back though. Welcome back Code: Seed [開心]

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Hi, first of all, thank you for playing and supporting CODE: SEED - Seihi no Uta. Due to the COVID -19 our studio was forced to shut down temporarily, and unable to work during that period, and because of the influence of COVID-19, the publisher in Japan decided to shut down the server. But currenty we are back to work. CODE:SEED - Seihi no Uta will keep going, until the last player offline, and the new contents are on the way, there will be new UI, new character, new animation, and everyting will be upgraded on the future version, click the link to watch the footage for the development demo

Dante Cotton


This game was apparently shut down in Japan, and possibly elsewhere too, so players beware. It's not a horrible game, but it's a bit outdated for the current era of mobile gaming. I'd say try it out at your own risk, but don't spend any money because the global version will probably end up shutting down within a year too..[發困]

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