Please Don't Bring Me Back to Reality! Sinfonia Stage

Please Don't Bring Me Back to Reality! Sinfonia Stage

Please Don't Bring Me Back to Reality! Sinfonia Stage



Rin best waipu. need kedepanny nih game bisa bersahabat buat user jempol ntah moga di tambahin pengaturan baru. agak susah soalnya beatny mojok kanan kiri masih mending bandori[大哭]

Ngeralat komen lain yg bilang mirip bandori upss gak semuanya model gim rhythm harus di samain dgn bandori ngab. Menurut gw sendiri ini mlh kek kombinasi dari bbrp gim rhythm hp. Pertama di sediain 2mode permainan satu mirip osu(buah) yg 2 mirip BD(apabila ambil 6not) klo 4not kek piano tiles :v. Kedua metode lvl up chara yg sama dgn LLSIFAS. Ketiga rate up gacha gim ini lebih ampas maybe 11 12 dgn PJ.Sekai.

Tapi yg jls dari gim ini adalah charny yg Waipuable dan juga storyny yg bagus bagaimana tidak udh beda banget kita maen gim lagu tp tema latar yg di ambil gak pasaran kek sekolah/perusahaan idol lagi. Dah itu aja maaf apabila sok tau[開心][開心]

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Rhythm game with fantasy theme. This will be a really long review, so thank you if you decide to read it and sorry if it takes too long. Almost nothing new here if you already try playing several rhythm game, since the UI is easy enough to navigate. It's simple and easy to use. But, what makes this game unique or unusual is there's a 2 way to play the game. "PICK STYLE" and "HUG STYLE". Pick style is the same as another rhythm game, you tap/hold/swipe the notes when it reach the judgement line. You can choose between a 5 line and 7 line notes, the difficulty range from easy, normal, hard, expert. Hug style is new for me, i don't know if there's any rhythm game with this same gameplay or not, but this one is the first for me. How to play this mode is you only need to hold the judgment line and slide your thumb/finger/whatever you use to play, to exactly where the notes fall, from start to the end that's he only thing you need to do instead of tapping. This mode is the easiest imo, range from easy, normal and hard. No expert for this style. This mode is a big plus for me, since this is a first time i'm playing rhythm game like this, which is very fun. Another interesting part is you can give a headpat after Live, so far it's happen randomly for me, i don't know if it's really random or have a certain condition to trigger it. The music, i really like it, it's enjoyable and interesting. They also have a wide range of genre (kinda), i hope more good song will be added in the near future since all of their music is nice to hear. The story, honestly i only read some at the beginning and skipping the rest of it since i tend to reread the story later when i have a lot of time. In general, it's almost have the same vibe as those other idol rhythm game but this one have fantasy theme on it. The visual, i like the color pallete, it's colorful and not overusing graphical elements which make it simple, yet contrast and vibrant. The only minus thing for me is, the art style for characters. Since this game keeping the artstyle from each artist as it is instead of going into one direction of artstyle, each characters have a different style which i found kinda out of place and feels inconsistent at some part like story. Also this game doesn't have a Live2D and even though the quality is good, compared to other idol game, this game is just feels good but not have that "Wow" feels when you looking at the visual. The gacha, honestly i want to say the gacha is bad, but maybe i just unlucky. The reason is, highest rarity is 4* with 2.5% chance and 3* with 9%. But getting a 3* is already hard enough that it doesn't feel like 9% drop chance but lower, well you can get at least 1 3* with 10 pull which cost you 2500 gem. The good part is you get a free 10 pull from tutorial with infinite chance to reroll the gacha. Overall, this game have a good quality for a rhythm game and i don't have any technical issues either even on highest graphic setting. The music is good and navigating through the game or playing feels really smooth. Maybe not all people like the theme and music, but for me this game is worth a try. Especially for those rhythm and music lovers.



Sei! Sei! Sei! Let's write a review about this new Bandori game! [怪笑] Another one ehh.. [汗顏] What's the title? Please Don't Bring Me Back to Reality! Sinfonia Stage. [開心] Oh! I've played it already. *Slaps kid* What is that for Sei?! [發火] It's not like Bandori. Ok, listen here, I won't mention the title anymore because it's absurdly long but the game is not like Bandori. Shocking right? All of these JP Rhythm games I've played followed the same format yet this one strayed a bit out of it. How you may ask? Introducing! The Hug mode! [賣萌] For people that like to play rhythm games but are lazy to tap their screens! Hug mode will just let your fingers stay pressed on the screen as you slide it along just to hit the notes. Kinda like Arcaea but more simplified. Oh! For added bonus? Hug mode makes your thumbs hotter than the sun on the highest difficulty of songs! Nifty hand warmers! Just kidding. [開心] It als has Pick Mode! Which is your boring, regular, bandori-like style of gameplay. [睡覺] So what makes this different from the other games Sei? Of course aside from the hug mode. Well, This is just based on my experience but I'll list it here. 1. It doesn't have the chibi talk stuff on the background on menu screen. 2. The gameplay screen is kind of the same except when your waifus react on the song, it doesn't distract you that much. Which is a good thing. 3. Waifus have different art styles. Probably because it's from dengeki bunko illustrators? It also makes them distinguishable unlike on some idol games. 4. Some fantasy isekai feel to it. You have magic circles, cat girls, magic girls, and elves? It's something new. So how was your overall gameplay Sei? As usual on games, beginners are greeted with tons of rewards so there is nothing new there. Although, it is worth note taking that menu navigation, song selection screen, the gameplay stage, and the art is really refreshing compared to the ones I've already played. Also worth note taking that this game also runs the worst! [發火] You've read that right! It runs the worst on my device. This is a Snapdragon 865 and Bandori runs perfectly even with 2D MV so I'm not sure what was the problem really. I even waited for this new update before I write a review to see if it will get fixed. I can't really say I've enjoyed the overall gameplay because it stutters a lot! It's a shame because I really like some of the songs here. [大哭] That's it! The game proposes a different style of gameplay for JP Waifu rhythm games which is up to you if you will play it that way. I honestly just used Pick mode because as I've said, hug mode makes my thumbs really hot and both of it stutters anyway so subjectively, it's not an enjoyable experience. But please do try it! Others are able to play the game well. Maybe it will also do well on yours. [害羞]

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