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Warau Ars Notoria

Warau Ars Notoria

Warau Ars Notoria

Silver Virgo


[厲害] so far pretty cool, almost every aspect on this game is top tier in my taste 9/10 expect gacha rate tho, but im not really care about gacha result since im not that hardcore player and i take every girl as my waifu in any gacha games [開心]

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Bet ya downloaded it because they look like the characters from Re:Zero? [怪笑] From the makers of really good weeb stuff merchandise that you will pour tons of money into, comes a game where you will also pour a lot of money into. Warau Ars Notoria. Kid! You're up! Eh? Sei? But I just do the questions stuff when we review games... Yep, Let's go straight to the point and ask me about the gacha. What? Uhhmm.. ehh.. ok. [汗顏] How's the gacha Sei? I'm glad you asked kid! Because this game will slap the gacha at you right from the start! Makes it easy if you're the type that creates multiple accounts just to have the good start. As for the stuff you need for pulling? (Rubies) It's quite easy to get and pulls are quite cheap. Now, the question how are the pulls? Well.... On these kind of games you want waifus right? You're in luck! Because this game won't give you your waifu that easily! [賣萌] In easier words, it's a gacha hell. You'll just receive support cards most of the time. [大哭] As for graphics and art? It's good. You'll get what you've clicked for. Re:zero looking art, some looks like from SAO, some even looks like from oni chichi [怪笑] idk. Since you'd be getting tons of support cards anyway, you can bask yourself with a lot of art. Is the game worth trying Sei? Hmmm.. Well, it's a chill game, if you're looking for some idle fun? Yes. it's good. With tons of support cards, you can have somekind of building strategies on the game if you can read JP. [怪笑] There you go! Warai... errr Warau Ars Notoria. Simple idle gacha game that surely won't make you laugh.



Eu realmente estava esperando anciosamente por Isto!!! Meu jogo Favorito Grand Summoners tem um irmão agora, mesmo que japonês ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ só tenho a dizer que vou acompanharam este Joguinho Daqui pra frente e quem quiser ajuda pode marcar! Pra quem sente dificuldade de traduzir o Jogo usem um aplicativo muito bom pra o caso, que é o "Tap to Translate" tem o aplicativo na Play Store ou modificado na internet! Boa sorte a todos que estão anciosos pelo serviço e pra quem vai acompanhar junto comigo[色色][怪笑][哇噻].

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