Uma Musume: Pretty Derby | Japanese

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby | Japanese

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby | Japanese



Saying the graphic is amazing is an understatement, it probably looks and feels better than you might think.

Gacha is stingy and brutal, events are ridiculously grindy and game takes a significant time per run, not bad or good, just keep it in mind. Hopefully after they cash a few more billion yens they'll make gacha slightly less ruthless.

The raising of the girls is great, they ticked so many good points in the raising sim part, only being hampered by your need to gacha (and it's not cheap) to enjoy it.

My gripe, and the gripe of the entire community, is how incredibly bad the races are. The race system is BAD, like -10/10 bad levels. They are buggy, your horses IA is trash, results are random, advice given is useless, some skills are useless, and the list goes on... Having excellent training and being overly qualified for a race you can randomly lose for no real reason, this isn't so bad except you need to wait another goddamn 30 minutes to reach the race again and lose to RNG again (or win, just get lucky).

I strongly recommend to install the game, raise a few girls to enjoy the ambience and whatnot... then uninstall a week later. It really is great to play around for a while, but it gets ridiculously stale, grindy and frustrating after a short while.

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Little guide that most may or may not already know Stat : Speed : Affect maximum speed. Generally useful, but don't specialized in this if you didn't use Escape (from the pack) strategy, or most race was Short distances and Miles (Sakura Bakushin O). Stamina : Affect how much your speed decrease in a match. You don't need to specialized it if your horse didn't race in mid and long distances. You need moderate stamina in mid distances(Mejiro McQueen) and specialized in it if you need to conquer long distances (Rice Shower) Strength : Affect acceleration and course taking. Pretty useful for Chase, Insert, and Lead strategy but generally useless for Escape strategy. Why is it useful? simple, it was because! No matter how fast or strong you are if you got surrounded by the pack, then you are over! Guts : Affect last spurt. Good for Chase, Insert, and Lead strategy. It affect horse determination to win at the last corner and make them easier to overtake their opponent. After much training trying to specialzed in it, I found out that it was basically useless to specialized in it since this stat was shitty if your other stat was shitty. Intelligent : Affect your skill Generally good for all uma musume, especially if you have lots of skills. You don't need to specialized in this , but having more intelligent would be advantage in a race. Additional info... Skill: Yellow skill added your uma usume capabilities in a race. Blue skill affect your uma musume stamina recovery. Red skill debuff your rival uma musume. Green skill affect your uma musume adaptivity. That's all for stat I guess. Correct me if I'm wrong.



This game is amazing. It's a very challenging game for those who like to play Japanese gacha games blindfolded, or just like to go for random stuff at the start. I can tell you guys a couple of conclusive tips from watching Japanese guides, and just from experience. You want 2-3 highly rated SSR or SR cards for speed, endurance, stamina, and wits. The only training card you care about is the tutorial girl, the one with green clothes. This is one of the support card that you can borrow, so dont bother rerolling for it. Keep in mind, the cards needed differs on the unit that you use so dont generalize that you always need 3 speed cards for every horse girls. Some horse girls do need 3 stamina, some need 3 speed, and so on. But we know for sure that guts support card is universally terrible. Guts is basically the one with the flame icon. This means you have to priotize support cards not characters. When you do your gacha, make sure to do support cards and get the right deck first, then summon for characters. A character is useless without good support cards. There are 5 training routines that you could do. Depending on the meters or the type of race that you're doing, you will either need more blue skills if you have below than average stamina but a lot of speed and endurance; or, if you have above than average stamina, endurance, or wits, yellow skills are the token to victory in place of speed. Even so, having high raw speed is always nice. Speed > Endurance > Wits (skill activation rate) > Stamina > Guts (increase speed midpoint of the race). You should priotize your stats by that order. 4 and 5 can be skipped entirely. Unless you're doing like a 1800+ long race, stamina at 300-500 is a good range. If you have too much stamina for short races, it's kinda like having 5 chances to hit a ball, but the challenge was to hit the ball once, the other 4 chances are seen as a wasted stat. Simply put, just train mostly speed, endurance, and wits. Raising endurance can indirectly increase your stamina so dont bother too much on doing the stamina training and only do a few of them, unless you're doing the long races. There will be an option to check your status, whether it meets the requirement for the race or not, before you start your race. This represents in "O", "X", and a triangle symbol. O = you have enough, double O for exceeding the race's requirement (you dont want this on stamina), X = you know what, triangle = you're between O and X, barely passing. And that will be it, have fun everyone. You can find deck guides online if you cant clear the entire tournament. It's rough but not impossible without it. Search for your horse girl and what deck they used for her. Also, skill order is another important factor to getting every 1st place in each race, but you should really just have fun and play around with what you got.

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