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Sea of Animals Online




Generally speaking, this game is like a 'dot-eating-game' where players would absorb nutrients-like substances in order to make them larger and kill other players by eating them. That said, the control of this game could be better as it is quite hard for players to control the direction of their animals. In addition, players cannot control the speed of their animals, which is quite frustrating as it is common for one to pump into a bigger opponent and lost the game. Yet it is still a good game for people who like to play a leisure but competitive game during their recess to relax themselves. The skins are quite funny too and I enjoy using the pig skin a lot. Would recommend this game for children.

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Shogun Tanuki


so basically you control a character to eat random food in the water and get larger so you can kill other players when they touch the sides of your character, there are ads in the screen and you can watch more to continue when you die, a bit annoying

Trần Võ Tường Vy


Nice game :)))[色色][色色][色色]

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