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HoneyWorks Premium Live

HoneyWorks Premium Live

HoneyWorks Premium Live

Waffle Boye


Honestly, the live part is trash, I hate it way too much, but then the gacha rate is great.
I hate that when you play live, there's that circle thing at the top, that bothers me.
And it wouldn't be so hard to actually play if the game would be so kind to accept the things when I hit them.
Otherwise great graphics and is actually pretty good.
I don't actually care about the storyline so I skip them.
Might be good idk.

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Marie C


The rhythm gameplay can feel a bit confusing, but I'd like to believe you can get used to it. At least I did. No flex but after you mess up your timing after playing several rhythm games, you can't mess it up anymore than it already did. This game is fun and simple. Keeps me on my toes if I'm not listening to the song closely enough. The units are nothing to worry about. They're super cute and also easy to get. Finish the tutorial and you get to roll a bunch. The songs being cut apart is understandable. The songs are just too long to be viable as one beat map. I was looking forwards to a certain song but it isn't here... Otherwise, the songs are unlocked as you play. Though the songs are very similar to each other and isn't my favorite. I personally liked the interface. I did find the constant song playing to be a bit annoying. And the loading screen is a little off-putting. Everything else is eye candy



Since everybody is giving already more than enough reviews,I'll be posting about beginner's guide here. Be sure to use x3 stamina until u hit around 500k fan counts,x2 until 1M & then x1 after that.Using multiple stam at once only affects character exp,exp mats & event points & not fan counts & song exp.Thats why using 3x stam in early game(0-1M) is efficient cuz u have to raise ur team power while in mid(1-10M)/late game(10M+),u have to grind fan counts & song ranks.Don't forget to buy evolution mats from trade shop every month since they take too much time to grind.Lvl ur team members equally until they hit max lvls.Each fan count milestone(except 2.55M) gives 7stamina.U can watch one commercial movie per four hours or 100 gems for 7stamina.Max stamina is base 7+99 so 106.Each stamina takes 30mins to naturally refill.Cake slice gives 1 stam while whole cake gives 7.Be sure to save them until u hit 10M fan counts cuz stamina is quite hard to get after that.Event bonus cards from new banners r pretty good even after current event so be sure to invest a lot in them.There r song ranking system which gives a huge amount of gems,tons of rare evo mats & song missions which gives a huge amount of song exp,decent amount of gems,tons of common/uncommon evo mats that involves FC,AP,clearing certain amounts,using specific honey lights & hash tags.U gain song exp everytime u play a songs.U have to rank up all the songs up to green1(250k exp) first because talks which gives a decent amount of gems,r tied to it.After that,u can start grinding specific songs (250k common/500k uncommon/1M rare) to max out ur main honey lights.That's all,folks.Comment me down below if u need any help or wanna correct me or add new info.

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