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its like many other rhythm game. piano like, click to the beat, and a little storyline which is just playing more songs. the songs are limited as i need to purchase with ingame currency (that are hard to get). nothing interesting, really. Its just a game youll probably play in free time. also it doesnt drain my battery a lot and i was pretty surprised.
also beware if you rely on hitsounds, as this game doesnt have one

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Professor Shenlin


The app icon is Godoka tier. The gameplay needs more work, like having sounds while tapping notes and the gameplay feels clunky for me. Game is decent yet it satisfy my rhythm fingers so I'll say the game is good and worth checking out if you love rhythm games like me.

antori antori


incredibly fun rhythm game! with captivating story and very customizable Gameplay! Graphics: the ingame and menu UIs are very clean, polished and pretty with smooth animations! character art is really nice too [色色] Sound: A mass amount of songs of all genra with many popular rhythm game artists's custom songs, story and menu bgm is wonderful too [開心][開心] Gameplay: Down scroll 5 lane game with no gimmicks aside from scroll speed variations [哇噻] that's all i ever wanted i didn't ask for horizontal lanes or floating notes or flick notes i just wanted normal click and hold Gameplay [色色][色色] and game perfectly delivers! (i find it hard to hit out lanes accurately though maby increasing their hitbox would be nice [厲害]) many many otions to play with from scroll speed visual sync audio sync adding stickers to in-game screen pretty much everything is changeable in options [色色] sadly no multi-player yet [難過] Story: found the story a refreshing breath of air, finally a good rhythm game narrative with interesting plot lines loveable characters and beautiful art sprinkled in [色色][色色] all while playing fun songs in-between, just amazing experience! Value: i found it was easy to get new songs through research system as rewards for clearing missions and game has tons of songs by default anyway so i'd say it's a great f2p game [開心][開心][開心][開心] Overall i dont think kalpa does anything special to deferentiate itself from other rhythm games but it absolutely perfects all the base things other games were struggling on [開心] you'll enjoy it for sure!

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