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O-Fire Top Contributor


Best app to search for anime pictures!~ [色色][色色][色色]

FYI, don't forget to remove the R18 limit 😬
You can thank me later~ [厲害]

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Michael Ishibashi


This is a really useful app to have as an artist or as someone who loves to browse art! I've been a member of Pixiv for a long time now, as I am an artist myself. But I've always used the website on my computer and I never checked it on my mobile phone. Mostly because I thought the mobile website version was difficult to use. But with the app, it's really easy to open it up and just start looking through all of the art! So even if I'm out of the house or waiting in line, I can still discover new artists or find art of my favorite series! (While I was typing this comment, I found Yakuza art of Kiryu and Majima wearing blocky suits like that Kanye West meme hahaha!) The other cool thing I learned is that you can also read artists' manga and novels on the app too! They have categories for them, so you can read them in a matter of seconds! Using the app actually taught me more about Pixiv hahaha! (Also I know this doesn't have sound or gameplay or story. But the app has tons of content like manga, I'll have to give it a good rating for that!)



Моя самая любимая соцсеточка. На компе, оф корс, лучше, но приложение на телефоне иногда удобнее, нежели на пк. Поэтому есть и там, и там. Здесь тебе и референсы, и туториалы, и манга, и просто различные пикчи, и даже, как я понял, новеллы. Такое разнообразие контента я люблю, Имхо, пиксив, может, и имеет свои недостатки, но до того они незначительные, что к этому можно привыкнуть.

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