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I was out here thinking that it was gonna be like the Skullgirls game. Being able to fight people with my Noelle and such. Both fortunately and unfortunately it's a gacha like FGO. It's pretty fun to play, you can either chain your skills efficiently or just let auto destroy everything. Gacha is pretty good, kinda annoying cause there's characters and the support cards in the same summon. I got 2 5* in one summon and thought they were characters, only to be a bit disappointed. Farming is pretty easy, same with account levelling, I have exp crystals capped and overflowing in my mailbox already. All in all, its a fun gacha of a great franchise.

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Sherrice jackson


App size is 1.18gb. Took me only 10 minutes to download it. I haven't tried to reroll so I can't say anything about that. Tutorial is extremely quick. Anywhere from 5-10 minutes there. You get to decide if you want your character to be either male or female (I know some people like me care about this.) This game looks like what fgo would look like if it had come out in 2021 imo. It plays a lot like the game but there are some key differences in gameplay and gacha that I like. While doing the tutorial, a thing I liked is that during a chain of one person if you kill an enemy the attacks then move on to another enemy. Sprites and in battle animation are really good. The characters in battle look loads better imo. The gacha is where I have the issue with the game. It has grimoire (which is basically an equivalent to CE) along with characters. As you can guess characters have the lower rate. 3% for SS 5% for S and AI at 35%. While grimoire are 5* 6%, 4* 16%, and 3* 35%. A ten roll costs 2k gems and it guarantees either an S or higher character OR a 4* grimoire. With 4* grimoire being 3x the amount of the S characters you'll more than likely get those. During the tutorial you get a free 10roll (which you can roll infinitely and guarantees either Zwei or Jin) I didn't try to get both so I have no idea if you can. The game gives 2400 gems and 5 tickets to start. You need 2k in order to do a 10roll. Honestly if you like Blazblue I'd check the game out regardless. I'm personally just not a fan of those types of gachas so if I ever decide to play it will be when I am desperate for another game to play that has Sugita and Kakihara in it.



★Disclaimers: Improved format for the review with more features and better presentation. ★TL;DR: 1. If you are a hardcore fan for the plot ONLY, you must play this to learn more about the story. 2. If you are a hardcore FTG fan of the franchise, you probably feel betrayed. 3. If you enjoy turn-based combat similar to FGO, you will love this. 4. If you hate rip-off or reskinning or copy-&-paste, you can skip this game for sure. ★Detailed Infos - ∅Progression & Difficulty - ∆Early Game: Fast growth; fast progress ∆Mid Game: Decelerate steadily, slowing down growth; normal progress ∆Late Game: Growth will still be managable with the resources provided; slow progress ∆End Game: Achievable, but painfully slow ∅Time Consumption - MG Tier. It's not too time-consuming, the Auto mode and Skip function can save you work. It does require some decent farming each day, so free up to at most an hour each day if you want to maximize daily rewards. ∅Time:Reward Ratio - 2:1 // 3:1 (Varies depending on your expectation and personal goal) ∅In-game Resources - (*NEW FEATURE) Plentiful. Just progress and farm. It's within reasonable range. ∅Gacha Resourcese - (*NEW FEATURE) Assuming there will be events and new chapters, the gacha resources are still scarce. Given the amount handed out from current progress, it is advised that players should stock up once they have drawn their favourite character. ∅Balancing - (*NEW FEATURE) Another complex system to strive balance among all classes. The current numbers still require further tweaking to a balance. With a good grimoire, S Tier rarity characters can still offer standard dmg output. The balance is still fairly acceptable, till the NEW GACHA has appeared and breaks the balance, at the moment, it's within acceptable range. ∅VAGS: ∆Visual - Standard. Some of the combat animations are similar to ones from the FTG version. The combat background isn't as detailed as the previous versions. Certain old UIs make a comeback, giving fans a nostalgic reminder. Stylish, fast-paced and smooth chain combos prove that instead of pure reskinning, the developer does respect BB's origin as a FTG. ∆Audio - Standard. Classic original score on HomePage. ∆Gameplay - Standard. You can't exactly pick bones on this. Other than the similarity to FGO, the combat animations demostrate an unique style, obviously a tribute to BB's original genre, FTG; it might be a one-click play-all turn-based RPG with a gacha system, perhaps the combat animations are still as impressive. — "No crouch, no jump, no block, no counter, that's bad." a remark from an og BB fan ∆Storyline - Fascinating. If you have been a fan for its storyline, this is a must-play. ————————— ★Honest Review: I wish there is wider pool of genre diversity for smartphone mobile games, but the market and numbers don't lie. Turning a traditional FTG into a turn-based RPG is probably the way to go, so as to survive and make room for the original developer to release more plots of the original series. FTGs are short and the room for plots is small. Given its fascinating story, perhaps this change in direction is inevitable. Is it a rip-off of FGO? Some of designs are way too similar. But there are some additions in sub-systems and others. The UIs and layouts are obviously different from FGO. And most of all, the combat animations are much faster and smoother than FGO. It's an obvious step-up, and it keeps partial ressemblance of BB. But no crouch, no jump, no block, no counter and many more, as a FTG fan, you may never accept this version of BB. But if there is that 1% of you that got hooked to the story, you can probably bear with it and read the story then. It's a product of 3 yrs development hell and radio silence, at least, give it a try, then let out your cry. It might not be mechanical-skill-based as its original, but perhaps you have grown smart, with a change of scenary, a new challenge for your brain, it might give you the second wind in your life.

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