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Friedrich Pianezzola


Had issues installing it, tried everything to install it and after half an hour of deleting apps, restarting device, deleting caches, redownloading for the fourth time the game i managed to install it
Then as soon as i opened it, it showed who made the game and got stuck on a black screen, not because of my device, i could see the pointer effects while dragging my finger around
Yeah, very well optimized i guess, dunno what's the deal with this game between issues with downloading/installing/starting the game and definitely fake reviews pumping the score
I hope I'm the one that's wrong and that the game is at least enjoyable for the ones that can play it

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Antonio Castillo


Great game considering the ammount of trash gacha games out there and the ammount of great gacha games like azur lane this is amazing



I love it! Yeah, it has some problems, which have already been brought up and hopefully will be fixed, but its not a bad game. The goddess of war and history is best girl, by the way.

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