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Dragon Raja | Global

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Downloaded this because there were some things I couldn't understand in the Chinese version. Graphics like everyone says are amazing and top tier. It can get a bit laggy if there's alot of things going on in your screen eg. lots of enemies, players, rain, snow, thunderstorm. I've been playing the chinese version for about 3-4 months and am around lvl 85 so I suppose I'm quite an experienced player already so here's some tips for the new players: At the beginning, it is very easy to level up but once you reach level 70-80 plus, levelling becomes very difficult if you are the type who doesn't participate actively in the daily activities. Hidden quests are around but they are nearly impossible to find unless you're lucky or you have read the guide. Some of the hidden quests are really difficult to do too. If anyone knows how to do the duck search quest in Tokyo please tell me. If anyone is having problems trying to complete the criteria to upgrade your D-Cypher Resonance to S grade, don't worry, the game will make you S grade after you reach a certain level, likely at lvl 80. Some of the translations are really surprising lol. I always thought Cassell was Kaiser because 卡塞爾 sounds more like Kaiser to me for some odd reason, guess my chinese to english is a bit wonky. Also, there are 2 classes you can unlock when you reach lvl 70 but I don't think that's available yet. I don't know about their english names but both are very cool. One has a scythe as a weapon while the other uses the fists and very mechanic-like I guess. Soul dancers are pretty awesome. They can deal pretty good damage and have healing abilities so they can sustain in battle longer. Definitely my top pick out of all the classes. That said, I'm a bit biased towards healer/mage type characters so don't take my word for it. Storywise, there's alot going to happen and there's alot of choices you have to make. Some of them don't change the storyline but most of them do and they also greatly affect your personality. What your personality is can unlock new choices or bar you from making certain choices that will slightly change how the story goes so yeah, choose wisely. If you've read this far, eyyy let's be friends in game :D I go by the name 易火 in S20 Time Rules, so hmu anytime if you have questions to ask. I'll be glad to help 😁

Lilith Mistress


Какая, всё-таки, бессмысленная, и отвратительная игра. Хочешь создать гильдию - заплати. Хочешь что-то нормально прокачать - заплати. Пустой и скучный мир. Ужасный сюжет.

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