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Sword and Magic

Sword and Magic

Sword and Magic

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NiTa Q


the game is good and i like that its not pay to win game way to go and thank you guys,but the game has no spending blue diamonds event (like the old sam and era of arcania,they both do have it and its handy to grow)please give us cumulative spending event,this way the game will be perfect.one more think this is an open world game that has people from all over the world,the european server has people from all over europe,french,italian,english,spain,and mostly russians but we all feel like we are strangers and we cant comunicate yet because we cant understand each other,i have a suggestion why not add a translation button like the one in eoa,everyone can translate and comunicate this way and the game will be so fun,if the little numbers people like us cant understand russian then we will leave soon,im speaking about myself i dont think i will stay or spend money in a game that i have no friends and i cant speak to anyone,thank you. never mind i left the game and deleting the app, you dont listen to our suggestions, there is only 2 servers one is europe ( ful of russians, rude racists people who dont accept people from other countries ) and Asia and without translation button you actully asking everyone else to leave if tey are not indo, thai or russians, you are the worse devs i ever seen

Tracey Karpas


This game is actually Era of Arcania. I like what theyve done with it. [不滿] There is a glitch, however. Everytime i try to join a team in dungeons it gets stuck on loading screen then exits me back out again. Please fix this. This good game. [微笑]

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