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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links | Global

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links | Global

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links | Global



its the best game ever envented[開心][開心][開心][色色]

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Duel links is a great way for old and new players to get back or start YuGiOh as the new mechanics may be a little complex for players havent played in a while or new players who are deterred from playing because it's too much to process Duel links simplifies things. What I love about duel links its highly competitive for players who love a challenge and want to put their decks to the test, the game is an amazing platform to do so furthermore more than +40k players play daily as a result I'd be pretty surprised if i waited more than 5 seconds to match up and duel and the developers release new events, new cards and new avatars so the game doesnt get competitive and for the best players KaibaCorp Cup (Kc cup) is a tournament where players duel to reach to the top [開心] And lastly interface keeps improving as time goes by and certain cards have stunning visuals when summoned by the right avatar So far I have no negative opinions on the game up to date



apa aku yang ngakak banget tiap main nggak mikir-mikir dulu atau pakai rencana gitu malah langsung main aktifin skill kartu tiap ada pemberitahuan udah gitu hasilnya jadi kalah karna semua kartu ketarik kan hasemeleh (≧∀≦)ゞ yahh maklumin ajalah ya newbie jadi ekplorasi nya rada nggak jelas banget perlu waktu buat paham game nya(─.─||| //baru 2 hari main_(°ω°」 ∠) kalah bukannya kesel atau perasaan apa kek gitu tapi aku malah ngakak sendiri kok bego banget sih aku tadi bla bla bla...[憋屈] btw overall game nya seru banget apalagi ada PvP yang kalau menang naik peringkat/rank+dapat hadiah buat winner 👍 makasih banyak buat developer nya sudah membuat game ini, sukses selalu.

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