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I already uninstalled this game due to reasons outlined below but I'll give a fair review as I expect other people will like it more:

BGM is really phenomenal, 11/10 as some have said before.
Graphic wise it's nothing exceptional or to write home about, but it's cutesy and your main menu live2D is really well done.
I didn't have any expectations for the story of a gacha mobile game and I didn't get any surprises, it's as bad as I thought it would be.
Gacha by nature is extremely expensive, so there is that, F2P friendly or low-cost? kind of, they copied from priconne and you can farm some units and get materials from events and stuff so you don't need to gacha THAT much.
Gameplay? mixed bag and the reason I quit. At it's core concept it's somewhat simple with some delicate intrincate details, at it's execution it's an RNG festa. Many skills translate into 10% chance of activation of (x) and the AI for auto mode is extremely dumb and frustrating. Game is also very poorly balanced at this moment due to the lack of units and the rock paper scissor system, although I suppose it will get better latter.

As the game is just released there isn't much to do, more content will be added later so look forward to that. Personally all the RNG on top of the RNG in the RNG killed the game for me, specially since PVP is extremely rewarding and your biggest source of resources asides from whaling AND your results in PVP are going to be essentially random with some slight variations depending on your enemy. It's not like priconne where units have a pattern or anything, they literally use their skills in a order, but that order is decided by RNG on battle start, and as said before, many skills are of "10% chance of X happening" so it's always nice to see your enemy get their 10% chance of dealing 500% dmg trigger but not you.

If you're interested give it a try, music alone it's worth it :)

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Wake up kid! We're gonna write our 30th game review! [發火] Eh? Yeah yeah. alright... What are we in for anyway Sei? [睡覺] Blue Archive! The one with that cute innocent looking girl as the icon! [開心] Jeez... alright. Let's start Sei. You've been wandering at qooapp, looking for games to play when you've suddenly saw this cute anime girl... you've read the title and it says "Blue Archive". You've told yourself: "This looks interesting!" and proceeded to download the game. Is that what happened to you? Well, if it is then we're the same! Because I'm a sucker for cute anime girls. [開心] So what do we have on this game Sei? Oh! Yes! I've said it earlier. Cute anime girls. Angelic anime girls. And not just because they're too cute. It's also because each of them have halo! [賣萌] All of them! Maji Tenshi! [開心] But objectively? Yostar or whoever did all of the character design on this really have done well. The game have this really "brand new" feel to it. Everything feels popping and fresh and it really attracts you as you navigate through the menu, the story, the gacha, everything that you'll probably will see on the interface level of the game really pops! I know it's not the game itself but it really is the one of the things that I have noticed. It really is well-made. How about the gameplay Sei? [汗顏] Well... we used to play priconne (Princess Connect) before right? It kinda is like that. But.... Wait for it... In 3D! [開心] Everything is better in 3D! Just kidding. [開心] They also have guns! Lots of them! Because FREEEEDOOOMM! [開心][開心][開心] But in seriousness, the gameplay feels like priconne with a mix of also a Yostar game, Arknights. It really just an auto game while you just tap the character portrait for them to perform their special move with an added Arknights twist of somekind of energy bar so you wouldn't be able to spam them. (Just correct me on this term lol) What's that? The auto will automatically do the special move for you without tapping? Yes! yes! But does anybody really play at full auto anyway? I guess if you kind of want to not have much of interaction on the game and your girls OP, just go. [厲害] Other worth note-taking thing on the game is the visual novel like aspect that shows how well-made the art is and kind of a breath of fresh air on the action-packed stuff this has. It will also give you a chance to try other characters aside from the ones you have. Real nice if you ask me. How about the gacha Sei? Ah... gacha... I haven't really have read about the rates but as usual for JP gachas, you won't really have pity pulls on this one. But it doesn't matter really... You remembered that I've said it's like priconne? It's because.. Introducing! The best system you'll ever get on a gacha game! (joking) Whale tears! [賣萌] Whale tears is an specialized gem that can be used to buy at the whale shop for the character fragments. This way, you can farm for the waif- *ahem* angel student you want. Note: Student-Teacher relationship is prohibited. And yes, I forgot to tell that you're kind of a teacher here. Also they can pronounce your name on the game. Really Sei?! [驚訝] Yep, if you have written a Japanese name. [開心] I really haven't tried it. But that's what my friends have said. So... I just believed them. Yes, I have friends. [發困] Any final notes Sei? Final notes eh? Well, the game is fun. But in all honesty? It will bore you after a lot of stages. One thing that could make it fresh is you having a lot a team setup to shuffle from. The game is rewarding for beginners as a lot of mobile games are but I really see that it will really come to the point where you'll be bored. Well, the game is quite young and surely, improvements and events will come. Just try to enjoy yourself on the Arknights like aspect of the game wherein you can also strategize based on your team composition. If you enjoy games like that? This game surely will fit you. [微笑]



Cute Angelic Anime girls,not angelic because they are too cute(even tho they are) its because they literally are angels. Wait is this heaven or something?we've been playing too much helltaker and gacha hell ges I guess. Character Animations....THE BEST! Gacha rates : Awesome! the menu and everything has a unique pop up style which is cute in its own way.2.5% For 3 stars i think but you get the characters too often and gacha currency is super easy to get! Story? we'll you've been appointed as a Sensei/Teacher in heaven and you'll just have to find Miracles in daily life...jist kidding...it's good(use a screen translator if you really wanna enjoy the story) Gameplay....hmm.... kind of like a 3D combonation of Arknights,Priconne and Girls Frontline... the characters shoot on their own and they have their type(like tank or sniper) according to which they are placed front or back and they move accordingly. All you have to do is use their skill by pressing or dragging the skill button. also the is a skill point bar similar to arknights so that you can't spam skill(skills have cooldown and costs skill point) MOST IMPORTANTLY, THIS GAME HAS THE CUTEST LIVE2D YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE,INCREASE YOUR BOND WITH A STUDENT AND YOU MIGHT UNLOCK HER LIVE2D!!!!

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