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Court of Darkness | English

Court of Darkness | English

Court of Darkness | English

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Alîssa Smith


This game is very cute and has a nice story. I love all the characters. The in-game store that you use to purchase story tickets and gems and whatnot? Highway robbery. I have never in my life seen a more outrageously overpriced store. There are never any sales, and you will empty your entire wallet trying to finish one single story. If you were blessed with patience and dont mind waiting 24 hours between every 5 minutes of story, this game is for you. If you want to buy story tickets to advance through the story faster, you need to be rich. Like, rich-rich. You need to own a Lamborghini and a credit score of 850. You'll need to sell your Lamborghini and your firstborn son to buy 5 story tickets. You will be left homeless when the store finishes draining you of your last dollar. Aside from THAT, this game is amazing. 10/10 recommend it.



Pelo oque eu joguei, o jogo em si é bom, você pode se vestir, escolher rota, fazer draws, batalhar, etc. Meu favorito é o Fenn, a própria luxúria. O jogo é bom para quem entende, se você não entende o idioma inglês, então você não conseguirá aproveitar tanto o jogo, eu joguei a rota do Fenn e eu achei muito boa a história da rota dele. Os personagens são muito lindos, esse jogo tem uma ótima qualidade!

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