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This game is very similar to Touran, kinda enjoyed this game so far (especially the room function ❤). But during my gameplay, I had encounter many bugs and it can get pretty annoying somehow.

Some bugs I encountered (so far):
- Stamina fill isn't displaying correctly in terms of depletion. (basically i dont exactly know how much stamina I'd used up)
- Everytime after adding a few furnitures in the room function the whole screen just hangs, have to restart the whole game
- During battle, after skills activation, the character seems to dissappeared into the background. (I always see my Buddha daddy dissappeared into the bg lmao)

Well, it's still a new game so I'm looking forward for better updates. 🐻

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[edited]So,I've been playing for 2 months,Gameplay is relaxing,Not much action it just 2D graphics Is easy to handle after played few hour for new player. Gacha really are testing your luck,some player does 1 roll can get 5🌸 (so just gonna pray for these buddha god grand you luck,hahah jk.) The game dev does they work keep on maintenance,but sometimes still have some bug,I don't complain much as long dosen't cause much problem. The CGs for those Skill card and Mandora unlock is well done. - I'll be help updating any news from the twitter to here,If you have any problem on the gameplay welcome to ask me as well!



Stumbled upon this and saw it was made by DMM, and it's really similar to Touken Ranbu, if not, they're entirely the same except for some elements. You have your own 'citadel' and care for buddhas instead of swords, each character has their own rarity (similar to Touranbu's rng system in which the timer determines the rarity), but in this game you don't smith, you actually have gacha to have these men in your household. Gacha is pretty considerate in my case, just 3 pulls in and they gave me a shit ton of 5* characters. Gameplay wise, it follows the node system in touranbu, either you fight an enemy, get a green node and in the end, fight the boss. You semi-operate them with their special moves. So far, I'm actually enjoying it and would be playing more. Recommended for saniwas who are tired of grinding materials for their touken danshi that never comes home (jiji just give me another copy). Ask me if you need help, but I am also trying to figure it out as well.

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