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What makes Deemo awesome?

Strong atmosphere, sounds and visual art fitting nicely.

Classy musical. This might be harsh but, you're not only listen to a generic Japanese pop songs, don't you? (Sorry and no sorry at the same time ・ω・)

Has a short but heart touching story.

Beautiful illustration for each songs, this for people who can appreciate art.

More than 60 free songs in story mode. (Now the restrictions has been removed).

The gameplay is simple and fun, easy mode can be boring though, like waiting a notes to appear isn't fun.

Progress feels quite fast for me, all story songs unlocked in no time. (There's a hidden songs, so explore!)

Remember, play games for fun! especially it's a rhythm game, not a competitive game.

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a lonely Deemo "that looks like slender man (but not scary)" with a kid that fell on to a trapdoor... and you need to play the piano to grow the tree, "that doesn't make sense" after the tree is tall enough the little kid can get out...



The graphic is wonderful! I very love it! [開心] But I think the gameplay is simple, not very interesting. And I can't play all the collections, it needs to pay to play but I don't have money[大哭] Anyway, it's a nice game to play!( ^ω^)

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