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El juego te puede durar entre 3 y 5 horas dependiendo de lo rapido que leas y cuanto aprecies los escenarios, la musica es muy buena y combina bien con los escenarios y momentos, aunque no tiene casi sonido mas haya de los botones, la mecanica temporal esta muy bien hecha e implementada, aunque a veces te puedes perder si quieres sacar todos los finales, hay pocas animaciones, pero se usan muy bien y estan bien hechas.

Aunque hay un bug y es que si escojes "saltar a la siguiente eleccion" en un bucle te quedas atascado y tenes que reiniciar el juego. pero nada mas despues de eso.

Lo recomiendo a todo aquel que quiera una buena historia corta.

P.D: buenarda la traduccion al español.

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Simple, Short, and cute game. The story mainly tells about the protagonist, "Time", who has been trapped in the eternal darkness and finaly meet someone else, "Space" who was crying stars and make light in her surroundings —which "Time" followed to find her. They then become friend and enjoy watching the stars —until something happened. The 4th wall breaking mechanism is what make it interesting, as "Time" have the power to go to any timeline, making the save load system to be part of the story and going back after certain scene change the outcome of the story. The gameplay itself is pretty short, not even an hour to reach the true ending —if you didn't stuck on some timeline, that is. It's not particularly hard tho, and the story is pretry much wrapped clean despite too short. Overall cute and heartwarming. Size only ±80mb so it's worth playing in your spare time. Also there is a bit of Shoujo Ai/yYuri involved, so if you hate those, might need a reconsideration.



It's another review on my part, but this one is a little bit special. I played this game before but I got frustrated and gave up; I came back though to fully replay it. Yet it was worth replaying this game due to the many choices you get to make, the endings, and the main characters. The graphics themselves are lovely as I remembered it. The way the stars glow, to the darkness of the void. It's beautiful illstrated for the characters and backgrounds, like hell, some of the pngs made cry a little. Most of the pngs are definitely wallpaper worthy. The sound design is simple, however, it didn't need to be elaborate. You could feel the character and describes gave volumes with out it, but the sound design is still very pleasant nt on the ears. The music is relaxing to listen to and hits the emotional cords just right. Gameplay wise, it's like any other visual novel, but the mechanic of rewinding makes it unique. My memory can be failing me, but most Visual Novels use save points so you can be able to tey different endings. This game does have that; still you can rewind in this game,which, makes it easier and not really necessary to use them ( since it says certain plot points). The rewind told is explained better in the game ( story-wise); it's useful along with the reset button( though I let you see it for yourself). This storyline speaks volumes to me now than when I originally played it. I didn't get at first, but now I really love this story. The way each of the main characters has life in them and their backstories ( though limited at first) are really interesting. The interaction is very cute to heartbreaking, some choices will be hard to make, but it's worth it seeing different sides of characters. I will say that the main character does have depth to them. Same with the others, but you don't really notice it at first. Overall, this game is really good! From the art to story, it has everything. It's not a prefect game but it's still an amazing game. I will say that there are three endings to get, and one of them is really hard to get ( I will let you figure that out). Anyways, this game is worth playing and it's a short game so it has that too ( but it being short really depends if you even like that.) This gets a 4/5 for me. - A Reviewer

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