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Eyes : Nonogram

Eyes : Nonogram

Eyes : Nonogram



its a very good nonogram
its good for starters, im actually already hooked up with this game. the nonograms pictures are wonderful and really beautiful, the characters and graphics are very smooth. sound effects are soothing and reslly makes you relaxed.
the storyline is okay, i dint expect this game to have one, but its pretty nice. theres level mode and story mode, which is fun if youre bored playing in the same mode for a while (maybe for me)
for starters, this is a great nonogram game.

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Just saw this game in homepage. I've been playing Nonograms or Picross games since I was in high school. So I thought I should check this out. In high school, you would see me playing picross in my seat whenever there's no teacher. I love its graphics, artworks, soothing music, and etc. cause it calms me and it gives off a satisfying vibe everytime. So I based my criteria for this game in my previous experiences playing Picross games And this game didn't fail me. It has beautiful and stunning artworks, and sceneries. The stories are well-written, too. It's quite easy to play and has a calming music to go with it. Would really be nice if this has more 15x15 or have 20x20. For first timers, just a note, Picross or Nonograms are a pretty long games. It might bore you, but just continue to play it and you will be hooked.

Darling J


I like picross games, they're quite relaxing. What I like about this one specifically is that it has this calm ethereal aesthetic combined with the beautiful artwork to create what is the best picross mobile game I played! While the levels are not that difficult, there is a lot of them, so you'll be spending a while with this game. My only real issue is the lack of 15×15 levels, as someone who plays these kinds of games a lot and usually plays 15×15 or 20×20. Overall, nice gameplay, nice aesthetic, if you like puzzle games you'll enjoy this one.

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