Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis

Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis

Touhou Thousand Night Anamnesis



by far the best touhou game! most touhou games are ok, but this one have more variable in character, stages, and even difficulty. fun game to play on for hours or just casually, really reccomended! (no storyline or dialogues, you need to memorize it yourself w)

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its just a great touhou fan game good job only thing that sucks is that this has no story



It's fun when I played it before on my old phone but when I played it on my new phone for some reason the game seems to be faster than before, is this supposed to be intentional? Edit: So I change my refresh rate down to 60hz and the game now is slow like how it was back on my old phone but now I'm questioning what's the intended refresh rate for this game? Edit 2: So I asked them on gmail and it seems like 60hz is regular speed so I well I guess Imma leave this here as for the new player that might have similar issues with this. Great fangame tho btw

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