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GRAN SAGA | Korean

GRAN SAGA | Korean

GRAN SAGA | Korean



半小时玩下来就开局看完动画,点点点,找到full auto,然后看角色自己动(

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Alright. Let's get a few things straight off the bat. GranSaga is not for everyone. It's long, it gets harder after you surpass a certain CP (COMBAT POWER) . and this is not the friendliest of games towards new players since not having enough CP later will get you stuck ultimately grinding dailies to raise your CP think of this game as Seven Knights 2 but your able to control your legends and more freedom to explore compated to it being linear. Gacha is the same the high tier heroes have an advantage over regular heroes. my only hope is the gacha rates are better than the usual 1-0.3%. (SSR) you can get a free SSR if have a Korean telephone number on their site and other rewards. But with this new publisher, the game is a lot better off than other auto battle mmos The GM's are more active and communicate with the community in Korean. HelpDesk tickets get answered for the most part within a week as opposed to a month. There is little to no Lag. (You'll get the occasional spike that'll last a minute or two) overall its a good game and youll enjoy it if you like black desert mobile/seven knights 2/Toram online.. remember kids! if you see a Mozambique or wingman pls ping it!

Fredy L


yay another auto mmorpg [開心][開心][開心] but the only good thing is graphic.. everything is horrible. 1st gameplay (already minus for me) are auto at everything and nothing new in the system. yes NOTHING NEW!! auto eq this, auto eq that to reach high score CP nothing complex. 2nd sound : uwahhhhhh the graphics are really good n details but the sounds is horrible, bad and lazy.. sword and hammer sfx are the same when hit, magic and gun sfx also the same, the only different is when the gun hit monster, its produce fast multiple sound. the last thing "BGM IS SHIT UGLY!!!" 3rd story : ewwww, a shounen meet mysterious lady with artifacts and mysterious power, got chased by bad guy everywhere.. generic!!!!!! and everywhere story!!! graphic is great.

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