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My Reaper Girlfriend

My Reaper Girlfriend

My Reaper Girlfriend



I would've just reaped the souls and not care about others feelings.

sort of annoying the character always questions about reaping eventhough the reapers gave their answers before. sort of a repeat.

it's just my opinion, the character doesn't fit my personality.

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Ever wondered how it feels like to live like Ichigo Kurosaki? Well, on this game, you get to experience how! Enter the world where everyone you know or will know is just a shadow being except that three main girls from the story. Experience the life of being a shinigami (or an assistant one) in an EA Games world where some of your choices costs you real money and you don't get to fight people around. But hey! At least you can flirt with the only three normal looking girls on this game! [厲害] That's it! Good story, funny moments that'll make you imagine things, only three properly drawn girls and microtransaction stuff all in this game. [不滿] All in all? The game is enjoyable. If you're willing to grind for the stuff (gems, continue cards, and points)



aw man, a good choices you have to pay. such money grab story tbh. overall im enjoying the storyヾ(´ε`ヾ) but... not with the paid stuff.... ಠ_ಠ

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