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Gabriella Jaquryn Evelyn


here is the information you can obtain at 24 january 2021
1. like some of gamevil game, it's plenty of reward
but grinding to get that

2. it's bad to see how this game turns into, long time ago this game is a hard in the ass with Dark souls theme

3. right now, this game was only a AFK or idle game.
one tap and go, one tap and go.. that's the game content is

4. the characters stories is amazingly good, but very poor at the execution. (you only read their stories, no cinematic, no picture, no art, nothing!)

5. if you see the cutscene.. that's the thing you will see once.. and never come back.. i don't know why they managed to hide the cutscene, the cutscene was do an absolute job at storytelling

6. the event was top notch, you doesn't need to pay to be competitive player, by joining the event.. you will get everything

7. the graphic was dull and old. i really hope they managed to render those characters into a better results

8. the game has a lot of FAN SERVICE (boobs, thighs, butt, face) yes you can see sexy lady, sexy women, sexy devil, even men is hot in here
they're so good at the fan service

9. THIS IS THE BEST OF IT, the developer is very kind and get in touch with the playerbase.. they always replying our suggestions and critic, which is ultra rare to see a game developer like that.

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Jack Frost


I don't get why some people are not satisfied with this game. Gamevil is a very generous company, and Heir of Light is one of their fine examples where you literally get almost everything with little effort without having to spend real currency. Graphical quality and combat aspects are quite stunning as well. The only thing it lacks is a good storyline. Customer service response is also very generous and speedy as well. And people who keep similarising Heir of Light with King's Raid probably haven't played enough turn based RPG out there, and need to explore first before making a poor comparison

Sunil Williams


The most grindy game I've played so far on the mobile platform. Dev impedes progression by having a cap on consecutive battles, both in campaign and dungeons, experience gains are a joke, even with xp boosters. But, it is 1 of the most beautiful looking game I've played as well and they are generous with rewards.

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