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Graphics: Chara illustrations are good, anime style & there are also male chara, spirit etc (not only female). Sound: Music are enjoyable, but no VA. Gameplay: The battle concept is very interesting, there's no wasted charas, because you must choose & fuse heroes carefully when progressing for every phase. The appeared heroes are based on rng (but you can also refresh it). If you want to be a good player, then you must memorize the fusion chart, classes, attributes and also items. Very tactical indeed. There's an auto battle, which is pretty useless. Storyline: Story for the sake of RPG story, gather companions, stop evil & save the world. Basically, it's nowhere exist. Value: There's gacha, hero/chara gacha to unlock the heroes so that you can fuse/evolve to them (or direct usage in quest), also dupes is useful for raising the specific hero's level & stats. Then, arcana gacha to get card (major & minor) for additional buffs. Relic gacha to get equipment for extra stats. Get wipeout tickets as many as you can. Daily shop is a great help. The gameplay concept is great, but also tiring & take much time.



it seems like the people who are reviewing here doesnt even bother to learn.. the game is great, you need to quick when shopping and trying to remember the combine recipes but as you keep playing you will get used to it, yes the game is hard but its fun, all hero that you have will be usable in this game i just reach ch 4 in few hours and im having so much fun, its a new kind of genre combinig auto chess and hero collector, give it a try if you like a game that's challenging and not just about gacha and auto

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