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How to Keep a Mummy

How to Keep a Mummy

How to Keep a Mummy




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Take care of a tiny adorable mummy as you unpack a bunch of boxes full of stuff locked behind puzzles! The gameplay is very standard when it comes to mobile Match-3 games, with the only real uniqueness going into the 3D graphics featuring a tiny mummy of your very own! Give it a name and watch it as it casually plays around with all the junk scattered about your house. When you're not doing that, engage in puzzles to unlock more stuff for your mummy to play with. Again, fairly simple, but neat for fans of the anime/manga. I'm sure they would've preferred a simulation game though... eh. I do have to note that the game is strangely intensive, and I've experienced several visual bugs such as black splotches, long loading times, and game crashes. Restarting usually fixes most of the problems, but they're more than frequent. The music is also very generic, and there's not much to hear beyond that and the puzzle sounds. Not impressive or amazing in the slightest, but just okay in my book.



This game is so cute, but some stages are very hard And i need English Ver because i don't understand Japan language

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