Situation Boyfriend -Voice App

Situation Boyfriend -Voice App

シチュカレ 人気声優の声が楽しめるボイスアプリ



Well, no one can say 'no' to ikemen voiceヾ(*´∀ ˋ*)ノ

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I know its just hearing every different and handsome guys talking to you...but it's sooting(。・//ε//・。) So yea, i pretty much like it eventhough it's takes time to get the coins🥺 slow progress...yes like everyday i have to open the app to get dem coins (good work me). Still no problem🤗 All the boys are pretty😂wait...ok i love it. it's worth it guys( i mean my fav VA is there~)



"are you okay?" bro i play Situation Boyfriend with only one functioning earphone and enjoy being comforted by the voices of hot fictional men knowing for the fact that I'm lonely and single do i look okay to you

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