Assault Lily Last Bullet | Japanese

Assault Lily Last Bullet | Japanese

Assault Lily Last Bullet | Japanese

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Hmm Very well I start the Rate the game 1. Arts The arts are cool. Really fresh and Likes the anime style one also with new Character it was a good one 2.Music The music is really Hit me hard because they do edel lilie Song again (ED assault lily) to play it on game. really A nice idea to symbols of assault lily 3 Gameplay Well for gameplay, It just a calm game . Like switch turn battles but still it's okay too me 4.Storyline For storyline well It was Good but u need know japanese to Know the storyline or probably wait Global Version 5. Gacha The gacha system is nice i think. nothing problem with it Plus They really So good at -Put Episode 1 Anime Assault lily on Download screen to make us not bored to waiting + watch the anime -The new Character is looks cool - Good Music and introduction music Especially Edel Lilie (My favorite one) -And the last is THIGH [怪笑][不滿].



edit: hate the new system where its harder to get jams. witsh they give us more especially during anniversary half anniversary or even like during new year login... welp. edit: the powercreep after anniversary is too fast! Rewards during half anniversary was better than current one. even those RT rewards is getting reduce. and even the gacha rates! sighs.... There are still bugs here and there which i wish they will fix, but do they ever? it's even affecting LL. powercreep in which the introduction of Light and Dark elements, as well as other new things, are being done way too fast. I previously love Pokelabo because of how they will put story in memoria but now, all the memoria are just for power. i still love the story line but really, this ain't it... im not sure about the future of the game anymore for now. edit: its getting worse. powercreep and no jams income for the f2p players. when being asked, they said they cant do anything. absolutely ridiculous. i think the game will EoS soon tbh, too bad it has so much potential. a lot of p2w players are leaving after they decided to lessen the amount of jams so yep goodluck to shaft .

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