Yokai Watch Puni Puni | Japanese

Yokai Watch Puni Puni | Japanese

Yokai Watch Puni Puni | Japanese



The game is really fun and exciting, and there is tons of yokai to collect. The puzzles, side game, and events made it more exciting. The only problem i got from this game is that it's pretty expensive, It's a free to play game and you can complete the main story by the yokai that they gave you but for the rest of the stuff you need to pay. They added a new currency years ago that changed the game (y-points).

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Aaron Lipscomb


I still wish they never discontinued wibble wobble



+Background Info (The game has a 1.5 GB additional download on top of the initial download as of this message) I've been on and off with the game for the last 3~4 years, I even remember back when Wibble-Wobble was still up. The game is still pumping out events left and right, with 3~8+ new units per event [哇噻]. +Story As an English-only speaker, the main story is negligible to me at best besides a few things. I've played Yokai Watch 1 on the 3DS and you can really feel the same charisma even if I cant understand it. +Gameplay As a block remover game(like Disney Tsum Tsum and Crash Fever) its run of the mill. You have your party of 5 with each character having their own chibi orb(Yokai Puni) that you have to remove. The longer the chain of punis the greater the damage. In order to move around the map, you need spirit, you have 5 spirit that regenerates every 30 minutes but you can use Y-coins(Free Currency) to buy more. You can have a huge stockpile of energy waiting to be used. I, myself, have around 360+ spirit lying around. You can have up to three profiles linked to a single account, each able to redeem the event rewards. ABUSE THIS. I can't stress just how useful having 3 separate accounts is when playing a Gacha game (Yes, There's a gacha). +Exporbs and Levelling The leveling system is fairly easy, the more you use them, the more EXP they earn. You can also use items called Exporbs to quicken this process. Exporbs are orbs with a red spiral within them. Their quality from worst to best is; Mini Exporbs(Yellow), Small Exporbs(White), Medium Exporbs(Blue), Large Exporbs(Orange), Mega Exporbs(Orange w/ Soul shape), and Holy Exporb (Orange w/ shrine). Mini to Large Exporbs can be brought in the shop a certain amount of times per day while Mega and Holy Exporbs are given as rewards. Every 10 levels is a max level lock, in order to raise this, you have to use Y-Coins. Y-Coins are the basic currency in the game while Y-points are the paid currency used for the gacha, also called the "Crank-a-kai". +Gacha The ranks in Puni Puni are as follows; E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, Z, ZZ. Ranks E-C are garbage while B, A, and S ranks are your powerhouses early game though. By the time you reach the second map, you should've used the gacha, allowing you to access SS~SSS ranks realistically. (I might post a picture of my sad boxes below [大哭]) Here is where those three profiles come in, I have a main profile, a sub profile, and a throwaway profile (Now a sub profile after obtaining a ZZ rank). You may have to start over but its definitely worth it in the long run. +Leaderboards Unless you really want to 🐋 out and sweat on a mobile game, leaderboards are already optimized to hell and back by top players. Don't be surprised when you can't even reach a decent spot, even after playing for a decent while. +Events Oh boy, events add a new flare to the game when they come around but MAN do they have a difficulty spike, no, a difficulty mountain. At earlier levels, you may not even be able to clear the first boss. Event units gained while the event is still active give boost such as; extra score, more Y-points gained, and things of the like. Each event normally brings in about 7,500 free Y-Points, enough to multi-summon once and have a chunk left over. Gifts in the mailbox expire in 30 days, so make sure to go pick some up +Missions Once you reach map 2, you'll unlock missions. These allow you to get items, profile pictures, nicknames, and even yokai! If you can't understand Japanese like me, there are guides for most of the important missions on YouTube. Even without looking anything up, you'll complete some of them just by playing the game. There are plenty of missions to go through so you'll be occupied for a long while. +Conclusion The game is pretty fun in my opinion, definitely worth a try. If you don't think its for you, then don't sweat it. If you want to try it out, my friend codes are below! Dramongo (Best): fvm5x25r SwampBoi (2nd Best): a0tf7c7s Zulul (Worst): o9s6dja1 Ps. If the gameplay gets stale, its fine if you take a little break and come back later like I do. [微笑]

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