COUNTER: SIDE | Traditional Chinese

COUNTER: SIDE | Traditional Chinese

COUNTER: SIDE | Traditional Chinese

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I'll keep it simple Gameplay you can check on youtube. You need strategy and units. So get characters as much as possible. Upgrading characters is pretty simple like other game. Either by clearing stages or use mats to upgrade. Artstyle and graphics are really good tho. PVE : So far you can clear most of stages with low rarity characters and low rarity are easy to evolve their stars. PVP : Heavily P2W. Idk I'm on wrong bracket or what but my early pvp experience was hell and still. Many players have SR-SSR with 4stars+ even full stars SSR like wtf. You know what that means if you played other gacha games. There are 2 different PVP, vs bots and real-time pvp. Each mode have different rank and rewards. Now we have free 10 pulls everyday. Rates are decent 3,5% SSR and we have PITY at 150 pulls Will get many free gems and tickets if you progress further (achievements,mission,stages,and more) No english language in case if you didn't read game title. Conclusion : If you want to play casually,enjoy the game with strategic gameplay,collecting characters, this game maybe for you. If you want to play competitive without spending much money,then don't play. I'd say this game is F2P FRIENDLY because you can clear most of contents for now.




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