ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside

ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside

ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside



왜 항상 여성향 리듬게임 ui는 미치도록 후지지..

팁 1. 일단 리세마라 하는 방법은 구글 아이디나 애플 아이디로 접속해서 스킵스킵하고 가챠돌린뒤에 메뉴에있는 어카운트 누르면 게임데이터 무효화 있음. 그거 하면 데이터 굳이 안 지우고 쓰던 아이디 그대로 계속 리세할수있음...
팁 2. 프로필 가서 최대한 어두운 컬러의 메인캐릭터로 설정하고 옵션에서 2D카드로 배경설정하면 노트치기 한결쉬움

4성 많이 얻으시길...

+라이브 해보고나서
최신폰인데도 싱크 맞추는거에 살짝 애먹었고 3d 라이브할때 렉이 좀 있다는 느낌을 지울수가없음... 그래서 2D로 바꿈.
옵션 세부설정이 뭐... 설정 하고싶어도 없어서 너무 아쉬움. 나중에 추가하려나? 이펙트나 노트색 변경이 너무 하고싶음...

게임 난이도는 쉬움

그리고 튜토리얼에서 애들 뭐 리허설 보내고 이런 자잘한 요소들이있던데... 그런거없어도 됐을듯 ㅎ ㅠㅠ 그래도 나중에 오마카세 누르면 자동으로 보내고 시간 지나서 일괄받기하면되니까 편하긴 함.

그래픽, 일러는 개취라 5점줬고 앱실론 쌍둥이 사랑하니까 스토리 5점 줌ㅋ
그래도 밴드라 노래 자체 퀄리티는 좋은듯 ㅋㅋ...

사실 과금요소에서만 별점을 깎았는데.. 일러스트 바꾸는데에 뱅드림과 달리 카드가 더 필요하기 때문임... 상한돌파... 최애캐만 노리시길... 나중엔 상한돌파이벤트카드 같은거 주긴하겠죠ㅋ

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this franchise is slowly sucking out my soul. this franchise is hell and heaven on earth. this franchise is everything you could ever ask for. it's so addicting to be into such an amazing franchise, in which characters have so much space for character development. you'll get to watch them grow as people and you'll experience first hand how beautifully the characters are all written, and how amazingly well this is all done. this is definitely my favourite thing about aaside - seeing as these characters will be able to come to understand things around them and how situations can impact them so much. argonavis means the whole world to me and i can't wait to see what will happen in the coming days, months, years. i want to see so much from this franchise and i can only think of the positives. please give this a chance if you're looking for a new game in which you can easily get attached to the characters, all while enjoying amazing music and a wonderful rhythm game! 🙏🙏



edit: the updates of this game solved all of my problems when it was first released so i'll be changing my reviews now, but my new problem is that the events are too hard for everyone to catch up to and that the game will soon die if they keep going on like this. i saw quite a lot of complaints from japanese fans about the game's events being hard, which i agree on. hopefully the devs come up with a new type of event and switch between two or more types of event tiering, much like A3! and Enstars. the game is a huge disappointment,,,, the gameplay is laggy ,the notes in the live sessions are too small and can't be adjusted , the gacha rates aren't too bad but the graphics are .the photos are low quality and they look like they just copy and pasted the transparent pngs from the characters' wiki pages .the game overall seems half-assed ,big disappointment .if the devs needed more time we could've waited longer .the game feels really rushed and all that excitement i had was wasted for nothing .i feel like this game is gonna die soon unless they fix everything in the next update ,which i hope they will .i really love the franchise and seeing the game like this saddens me .

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