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Lord Of Thunder


Really a good Naruto game I have ever played. i know there do exist other Naruto games but those games are either ppsspp games or some 1 vs 1 combat game with no or really crappy storyline. slugfestx is a one above all experience. Provides you to play along with multiple characters from OG naruto anime, be one of them, provides a good storyline. more than storyline the game also facilitates player with multiple kinds of mission where players can improve their skill and be familiar with mechanism of the game. The only problem is I live in India and the game has not been released in my region which indirectly forces me to connect to server far from here and thus, PING constantly fluctuates. Don't know whether this is a common problem or what but variable PING is really and only headache in Slugfest which pisses you off if you are a nerd and short tempered. But overall this game requires much more recognition, fame and name accross the world so that Fans far from Asia do not have to face network issues.

Youssef Mostafa


i think this game is the best game of naruto so i recommend this game an it is 2.3 GB

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