Date A Live: Spirit Pledge | Traditional Chinese

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge | Traditional Chinese

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge | Traditional Chinese




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I'm grateful that there's a game for the anime that I like so much! For a person who play a lot of this type of game (side scrolling hack and slash game), I think this game is the best so far because the special effect of the attack, and every character have various attack pattern/combo that make this game fun. The Live 2D is captivating and the collectible CG make this game's story more enjoyable. The gift for new player is quiet generous compared to other games. The graphic and voice acting is superb! But there's a few that lacking in this game, such as the enemy is to easy I think? the enemy doesn't give any exciting challange at all, maybe you can add the quantity and difficulty of the enemy? Oh, and I wish this game is translated to english so I can enjoy this game to the fullest ^o^ Overall Rating: 9,5 / 10 PS: I wish to win the Tokisaki Kurumi mouse pad since she's my waifu and I love her so much ><



First date a live mobile game and it's really nice!! No complaint for graphics, cute, pretty, well what else can I say, it's date a live you know! For sound I'm really happy because they got original seiyuu to fill the voice in the game For gameplay I love the way they move it feels like playing playstation, control a bit hard but fun to play Storyline Wow they follow the anime, I hope they keep the story and can catch up to the latest story of light novel Value If you love date a live then you have to play this game! Because they really make an effort to make this game worth to play for us! to the date a live fans!!

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