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КАРОЧ я шел по дороге играл в игру инет ушел я забомбил кинул телефон на бетон а потом я потскальзнулся и упал на дорогу начил вставать поехала машина меня сбили я летел метров 20-16 непомню и потом я раздробил ногу после сломал руку и получил сотресение мозга хорошая игра👍.

The BlueBlur


naruto slugfest is a decent naruto game. or should i say unique and special, this is an open world game the first open world naruto game to be released on android/ios. this game can be considerd global. but it is not actually but you can still play it/ but keep in mind if you are outside the countries that support it your connection will be very bad and your ping. so i recommend using a vpn while playing, you dont need one tho id you dont want to that is. the graphics are pretty great for a mobile game. the sound is decent in gameplay but crappy in cutacenes the gameplay is great and fun the story line is ok i guess. and the value is 5 i dont want this game to be cancelled honostly. you can also contact the costumer service via discord if you have problems they actually help you. the game size is 3GB to 4GB it can drain your phone battery too . so here is my tottal rating its 8.0/10 thats all!

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