Revue Starlight Re LIVE | Global

Revue Starlight Re LIVE | Global

Revue Starlight Re LIVE | Global

Luna Scarlet


Starlight ReLive is rather a great game in my opinion due to this reasons. There are pros and cons but here are my thoughts, first is that graphics are actually good but its too good that low end devices might find playing this bad because of lag, next is the sound, no complains what-so-ever since this game is basically all about that anyways, next is the gameplay, its still kinda like FGOish but still its fun either way for me anyways. The story is also quite nice, in fact, theres alot of it, sure that some are just side stories but stories none the less, lastly is its value, so far I can see that the gacha system is somewhat forgiving and not money grabbing, you can also survive through the game without spending a dime, overall its a great game, sure the gameplay and graphics needs a few tweeks but its still pretty enjoyable...

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I'm glad Re LIVE earned a global version since it is a really good game. Other than the main girls of Revue Starlight, there will be also 3 more school (15 more stage girls in total) with their own sub stories. Gameplay is very similar to FGO with cards and order, and I suggest not to rely on auto as what I've learned while playing in the JP server (auto play will kill your team trust me). Gacha is pretty okay, for beginners you have 2 4* guaranteed banners and I suggest rerolling for multiple target finishers rather than single target (they're more for vs revue). Gacha is divided into the characters themselves and support cards (they're pretty important too). Other than that, pretty neat game, very grindy fpr resources if you want to max and limit break your girls and Junna is best girl. EDIT (AS OF 4.26.19) After some time, yeah sure, things are running smoothly, BUTTTTTTTT i have already scouted for more than 10 pulls and NOT A SINGLE 10 PULL gave me a 3* above unit, gacha is ass.



I like thiisss. Especially bcs Aiai, Kudoharu-san, and Ayasa-san voicing here too. The graphics is nice, also the gameplay. It's a turn-based game. Build your stage girls (up ur stage girls' lvl, skill, and rank) to become stronger. Upgrade ur memoirs, cuz even if your team full of SSR and SR cards, but you don't upgrade ur memoir set, u can defeaten. Especially in Star Performance, you should do it. I've perform D-Rank Star Performance, and met a friend w/ strong cards. His team has 5 SSR cards, and rest are SR cards. All of them are max lvl cards, but the memoirs still lvl 1. I banned two of his SSR. I thought I would be defeated, but unexpectedly, I won w/ 4 stage girls standing. My cards aren't max lvl, but I upgraded my memoirs, so I can win the game. The gacha rate not too bad. You have guaranteed SSR card and SSR memoir at some step. If there is a new gacha banner, the free gacha (watch ad to draw gacha) will be updated. The free gacha get error sometimes, but yah, it's free, so I don't complain. Sometimes hard to get stargems, but it's become easier during event. Log in everyday to claim daily achievement and log in emblem. Um, yah, that's all my opinion, thanks. (I wish Lalafin event cards come back later. Who's ur best gurl?)

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