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Bakery Story YEASTKEN

Bakery Story YEASTKEN

Bakery Story YEASTKEN



Я бесконечно влюбилась в эти толстые буханки ! Сердитая буханка эт моя энергия хдд
Всем советую робит без интернета :3

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กดกาชาล้างความเกลือ 5555 เกมนี้จะให้เราเก็บเหรีญมาหมุนกาชาปอง พอหมดตู้ให้รอเวลาจนกว่าตู้ใหม่จะมา ขนมรูปน้องหมาน่ารักดีนะคะ ถ้าทำขนมเป็นก็อยากลองทำแบบนี้บ้าง



You'll like the same if you just enjoy collecting and doing the same representative thing. Also, Dogs and food in it. Graphics: 5/5 Very, very cute and adorable Sound: 5/5 Who dosent like the classic 8-bit sounds? Gameplay: 4/5 Pretty simple. Put 2 coins in the machine, turn it, get the capsule ball, open it, a random dog bun to collect. collect coins to repeat the process. It does get boring of the repeated process. Storyline: Unknown I cant read Japanese :,> Value: 3/5 It's just a random collector that does get boring since your doing the same thing. ADs randomly pop-up which do get annoying also. Butter me up doge, you better be tasty to eat. •3•

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