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일단 겜이 시스템적으로 복잡한게 좀 있어서 하다보면 고이겠지만 배워야될게 많이 있음. 그럭저럭 재밌고 자유도도 높아서 좋음. 뉴비분들은 튜토끝내고 퀘스트만 깨고있지 말고 길드들어가서 용병활용하는거 추천함.

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Not gonna lie, this game is not new player friendly. You'll find yourself lost and far from experienced players in terms of level, money, and strength. However, that doesn't take away the fun in the game. Find a good guild, read guides online. There's a lot. A little reading can help you catch up and learn what you're missing out on. Especially as a new player. Otherwise, you'd find it harder. What made me fall in love with the game are the graphics and, most importantly, the No Auto mechanics. Everything has to be done by you. No auto walk, no auto fight. I love MMORPGs like this. Give it a try. It's a great game and I've been playing it for years! ^^



Cocok dimainin sama pengidap insomnia, coba farming ntar langsung ngantuk

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