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Night of the Full Moon

Night of the Full Moon


Rykarue Iriha


It is a offline game where you can choose a class to go through the story. Each Class have their own type of deck. There are also several difficulty level, you will unlock the next difficulty by completing the new difficulty before it. Yea this a game where you need to play over and over again to get the full storyline. You can login to save your data in server and able to purchase in game with irl moneh 3 classes. There are 4 free classes btw. Also The first class is the hardests, dont let the difficulty written in game fool you. I really wish i could make my own deck using cards in my index instead of hoping for luck looking at shop or using abilities. Also more chapters please. Having Lv 11 as thr cap for just a moment and restart seriously feels like a drag. Endless mode with customized deck sounds fun. I have finished all difficulty of all free classes except for the first class, knight. If you like idling on your own and using cards, this game is up your alley

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wow!such an interesting card game,it's very unique with a CREATIVE art style the play style is very cool too and this is coming for someone who doesn't EVEN LIKE card strategy games i'd recommend this to any turnbased fighting fans



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