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Last Cloudia | Japanese

Last Cloudia | Japanese

Last Cloudia | Japanese

Dante' Cotton


I like it even though the game needs more polish. Would have been nice to have some voice acting during the story scenes and battles are a bit bland considering there are no real tactics involved besides waiting for specials and ultimates to gain enough meter to launch them then waiting for them again...rinse and repeat. Storyline is great and even has good humor thrown around to show comeroderie between the main characters. I just hope the antagonists aren't all one-dimensional cliches. I'm looking forward to seeing what else the devs bring to the table on the short-term.

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An COOL real time action RPG fitted with likeable heroes and a good handful of unique characters to pull for. The graphics of this game is great , the developers utilizes the 2.5D environment the best of mobile phones can handle. The music sounds interesting and i fukin love it The gameplay is great, there is alot of depth to it but I'm still newb in the game. Movement manual is locked behind an item you can purchase in the shop I cant read Japanese, but the story so far is interesting. Overall, I'm enjoying this game and I'll continue to play itt



A very high production value game, but it feels very unfinished for the following reasons: -Frequent crashes from character skills, enemy skills, UI options(daily dungeons), and cutscenes. These crashes ruin the overall experience of the game. Especially considering that after the game crashes reopening the app leads to enemies regaining ALL their health while your units do not. Now this wouldn't be a problem except that if you used 100 crystals to continue the stage, and the game crashes now both you and the enemy are at full life and any progress you made towards beating the stage is effectively reset with the player being down premium currency. (personally I have lost upwards of 2000+ crystals from over 100+ crashes while running the game on my 512/12 GB galaxy note 9) -Gameplay bugs such as the targeting stuck on an enemy that has already been deafeated and enemies repeatedlly healing to full HP after using the 100 crystal ressurection.

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