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Well honestly, for tiny industry which only have 3 people, this game is absolutely has improved from the last one.

If you never play Epic Conquest, dont you worry because the story itself is easy to follow. And I guess someone who works behind the storyline have a good sense of humor, this is the first time am actually laughing because of each cutscene here. Good story, good cutscenes, good emotions. brilliant!

Graphics, its still a lil bit stiff, not so much different from EC. But the quality is already in a perfect shape.

Sound, my ears hearing the BGM while playing belike; wooowww... its good yknow.

Gameplay, well I can say this is the type of free-offline-adventure-rpg game that rpg lovers have been looking for for a long time. FINALLY!!

I wish we can rotate the camera... ahahaha.

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Yo kid! Imma review this game called Epic Conquest 2! You up? [不滿] 2? Have you played the first one, Sei? [汗顏] Nope. Doesn't matter! I'm still going to write one. [開心] Aight! You might be just scrolling on Google Play or Qooapp looking for new games to play and you saw this title. Epic Conquest 2... 2?! This means there's a first one right? Must be a good game to get a sequel. You've downloaded, wait for it to install, and started it right away since you're quite excited with the new game. [開心] The start menu screen shows up. It looks so good and it feels so clean with some Final Fantasy-esque vibe on it. You feel more excitement and you tapped it to start new game. What's this?! The graphics looks like... Yep, it's not impressive really it kind of feels like a PS2 game with it's graphics even you set it on the highest possible setting. [大哭] But hey! At least you can set the game to 144 FPS if your phone's screen can refresh at 144 hz! Brrrrrrrrrr! [開心] So you gave the game a chance. You've followed with the story together with it's tons of amount of dialog and cutscenes till you finally reach the time where you can control your character. Then you'll yell: "This is disappointing!" [發火] Just kidding, the controls are nothing special really and if I'm to be honest, it's quite clunky. Animation timings need some work so it could match the commands you're tapping into. If I'm gonna describr this with just anything? The controls feels sticky and slippery at the same time. It doesn't make sense really but it is what is. [微笑] Now you're on an adventure! You've gone out of town to explore and with every action RPGs, slay some monsters! [開心] Till the game disappoints you again with the combat. I don't mind the slow attacks of the main character really but the enemies? Their attack cues doesn't feel like it exist! There's a dodge button for a reason but how can you dodge properly if you don't even know whether the enemy will attack or not? There are also times where the enemies do not respond (lucky [開心]) or times where you don't see them on your screen yet they will just all of the sudden will ram you. But then again, all you can just do is git gud. [厲害] Wow Sei! Do you hate the game? [無語] Not at all kid, in fact, I love the game. The points above are the things that I think a game should be polished on objectively and as I played this game? I just got used to it that I saw myself not being able to keep in check of the time because I enjoyed it so much. Why do I enjoy this? Because of what the game gives you the feel of being there and able to grow. What I mean, I can set my own stats not limited by classes growth like on other RPGs. Gather materials for equipment strengthening, level up my skills by using them and not by leveling up! There is just a sense of growth that I really like on this game. [微笑] Is that it Sei? [汗顏] Oh! Of course I really like how the story flows and also the interaction among the characters. The main character's premise kind of feels like the warrior class story on Ys:Origin (I won't elaborate) but it still have it's own unique take on it. With those it really made playing this more enjoyable. Can I recommend the game? Yes! [開心] Epic Conquest 2 is a game that you'll keep on wanting to play. It's not the best on all departments and still have very noticeable yet not game breaking bugs but it will definitely make you want it as you play along. Try it. [厲害]

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play offline, anime style, action rpg, great story, nice game i think, yeah may be want to view gagameplay first before instal n play this game : https://youtu.be/o35BR3DycBY

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