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Touhou Dungeon Dive

Touhou Dungeon Dive

Touhou Dungeon Dive



재미있기는하지만 보스bgm들이 다 배드애플이고 보스에맞는 bgm이나 어레인저 라고 넣어주세요
30층은 레이무 고정이고 업적고 별로 좋지않고 동방팬으로서 이거는 좀아니다 봅니다.
일일업적이라도 만들어주시던지 해주십시오

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Adjie Putra


Well this game is good, but I prefer to make the gachas easier, give lots of events, create multiplayer modes, and of course new characters. I'll wait for it all

Chiratchaya Photphan


เล่นฆ่าเวลาได้น่ะ สำหรับคนชอบTouhouมากๆละไม่ซีอะไร

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