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Fantasia Re:build

Fantasia Re:build

Fantasia Re:build

Shin A72


I don't know if I have the right to say this as I just only played it for less than 5 hours but this game is meh. I mean, first thing that bugging me the most is sound, opening cinematic sound works perfectly fine, title BGM also greatly fine, but then when I got logged in to the main menu, it's like the sound was dropped down from 70 to 30.

As for the gameplay itself, it's not that great, fun but kinda boring. I don't know, I've experienced many gameplay but this type of gameplay is what makes me bored faster than the other so it's not for me in that sense. Decent I would say.

Storyline? If you don't skip any, you will forget that this was actually RPG game because the story was almost like Visual Novel, I would say one section was equal to one to two chapter of manga. It was great, so many interaction between the heroine and the player, pretty interactive too with player given a selection to respond for every single conversation as far as I played (only played to Section 8 as of now).

Yes, like many people, this game is laggy everytime a character model appear on screen (not on battle or main menu). Also, I don't know what I missed or I did wrong, I participate the pre-registration and yet I've seen no reward. Only thing I encounter was those login reward, I don't pretty much pay attention to the gift box but there could be a possibility I claimed the content without realizing it was actually pre-registration reward thinking it was login reward.

Played less than 5 hours as I write this review, not sure if this worth the shot to spend the time on, but I'm pretty sure I won't play this in the long run. Quickly bored, nothing much to do, so yeah, I planned to quit and uninstall in the very near upcoming days.

To take a note, after tutorial (if you didn't skip it) it will ask to download additional data with 1.7 GB size. If you could read and understand Japanese, the story was great, so that's the extra point for this game. If not, you'll pretty much be like me, getting bored quickly. Have fun playing!

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shimada mayu


El juego abre el día 17 3AM hora europea - día 16 21:00 hora latinoamericana. El juego es por turnos parecido al grisaia o simplificando lo mismo que todos los juegos de DMM. Pero esta vez con una similitud del 80% de FGO. Lo único malo son que en el mismo banner te pongan arma / personaje / Carta de soporte.. Peso de descarga inicial 306MB Peso ingame 1.7GB Uso de VPN? no es necesario



frame drop when summon :3 and u can't skip dialogue when get the new hero on summon lol

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