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Puyopuyo !! Quest | Japanese

Puyopuyo !! Quest | Japanese

Puyopuyo !! Quest | Japanese

Leah Newton


[開心] Everything is so cute [色色]
[發火] But I have 1 complaint, everyone in PVP is too strong [發火]
[發火] I can't even win 1 game out of 10 in the PVP... [發火]
[賣萌] Please help me [大哭]

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Warning to anyone trying to get into Puyo Quest after Dec 2021: Gacha stones are being made harder to obtain and support pools for events are being made smaller. Full power cards are being released in excess that completely overshadow already hard to get fest cards (on release). Most gacha stone rewards for technical maps have been replaced with easy to obtain items. The start will be a lot rougher prior to the Super PPQ update. The update added a lot of QoL changes such as a speed up option to make grinding regular stages faster at the cost of making gacha stones rarer. As for the game itself... its just alright. Building decks and clearing technical maps with only improvisation is satisfying but you can only do so much with starter cards; especially when you will never have enough gacha stones for support cards to participate in events. They give away limited time gacha tickets but outside of collab and anniversary events, the handouts are not very generous like other gacha games with the exception of anniversary events. *Edit 2023: Having played for a two extra years, after the Super PPQ update; the event support pools seem to still favour full power cards which is understandable, but the newly introduced 7* exclusive Full Power card rates are much lower with a 0.25% pull rate, as opposed to the 1% of normal full power cards, and will only be guaranteed after 320 draws (1600 stones) instead of the usual 100 (500 stones). New technical maps released feel like they are exclusively made for Cross Ability or Full Power cards with enemy waves having very specific resistances and status inflicting attacks. And something important: Google play's region lock has finally hit all countries, dating all the way back to July 2022 I've heard in the West. So if you're willing to whale and don't have a second phone to bypass the payment lock then you're going to have to conserve stones like crazy.



A really neat game! The graphics in this game are absolutely adorable! (It might be worth it to play this game for the graphics alone www) The game is also pretty generous when it comes to giving out gacha tickets. You can get plenty just by playing the game and completing missions. Gameplay is quite fun. It's pretty much your typical match-3 game. (Well, I guess match-4 in this case (ゝ∀・) ) Although, there are certain stages that spice the gameplay up a bit. There's one type of stage where you have to do certain things (like getting a 4-combo or popping puyo of a certain color) to break the enemy's shield so you can attack them directly. In conclusion, I definitely think everyone should give this game a try! (Sorry if this review is messy, I'm not quite used to writing reviews #^_^#)

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